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Customer Lifecycle Expert Salmat Extends Deployment of Dealmaker In Salesforce

Dealmaker from The TAS Group is at the core of Salmat’s Smart Sales Transformation in 2015

Dealmaker from The TAS Group is at the core of Salmat’s Smart Sales Transformation in 2015

Seattle, WA — Mar 10, 2015 — The TAS Group today announced that Australia’s leading provider of customer engagement and marketing services, Salmat, are expanding their use of Dealmaker from The TAS Group as the foundational element of its smart sales transformation in Salesforce.

Focused on helping their clients get closer to their customers; Salmat continues to invest in building world-class technology platforms that provide insight-driven solutions to some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest and most trusted brands.

“Companies need to rapidly transform their sales models to remain competitive and ensure profitability. The expansion of Dealmaker reinforces Salmat’s position as the leader of innovative and agile marketing solutions for every stage of the customer lifecycle in the Australian market,” said Max Tennant, Head of Sales for Contact at Salmat.

“Dealmaker from The TAS Group has been at the core of Salmat’s sales transformation strategy for over a year. The smart Dealmaker software not only helps our sales team to sell more but we have been able to focus on deals that deliver the greatest mutual value for Salmat and our clients.”

“Following this success, Salmat is extending the use of Dealmaker beyond the initial roll out as part of our strategic sales transition.  The White Space analysis in Smart Account Manager will enable the newly formed Account Teams to deliver a total solution to our customers thus increasing the value we provide to our customers and ultimately, help our clients get closer to their customers,” said Mr. Tennant.

Salmat uses Dealmaker Smart Sales Playbook for sales process management, Dealmaker Smart Opportunity Manager to win strategic sales opportunities, and Dealmaker Smart Account Manager to maximize revenue from its key customer accounts.  Dealmaker is deployed in Salmat’s Salesforce CRM as a native application running on the Salesforce platform.

“We are delighted to be the foundation for Salmat’s smart sales transformation and to see their continued success. Like other progressive sales organizations, Salmat is focused first and foremost on the value they can provide to their customers and recognize how Dealmaker can help their sellers everyday grow their own business by making the right decisions for their customers,” said Jim Crisera, President of the TAS Group.

“Salmat is a great example of how a company can achieve smart sales transformation using the Dealmaker platform in Salesforce. We have seen this approach increase revenue consistently and we are excited to be Salmat’s partner on that journey.”

About Salmat

At Salmat, we help our clients get closer to their customers. Since 1979, we have worked with some of Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted brands, using our unmatched depth and breadth of insight-driven services across the customer lifecycle to help them intimately understand their customers, drive business growth, and ultimately make their customers more valuable.