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New Publication: “Battling The 57%” Separates Fact from Fiction in B2b Buying Behavior

Donal Daly, CEO of The TAS Group, helps sellers respond to more informed buyers

Donal Daly, CEO of The TAS Group, helps sellers respond to more informed buyers

Seattle, WA — Jun 12, 2014 — There is an emerging and dangerous assumption embraced by sales professionals and sales executives, based on a marketplace misunderstanding of a recent study on B2B buyers: All Buyers are materially through their buying process before being willing to engage with a salesperson. In actuality: Research from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) finds that ‘buyers have (on average) progressed 57% through their buying process before they engage a salesperson.’

The TAS Group, the global leader in smart sales transformation, today announced the release of Battling the 57%: Deconstructing the Buyer-Seller Dance by its CEO, Donal Daly, author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller Account Planning in Salesforce. Daly says, “The ‘57%’ is an average number and not extremely useful in formulating a sales strategy for any specific situation.”

Daly explores the nuances of the Buyer’s Journey in this free publication and provides sales leadership with guidance on how to determine how applicable it is to their business. And where appropriate, to develop strategies on how to engage at the right place in the Sales and Marketing Continuum to deliver maximum value to their customers and win more business.

“Buyers are certainly more informed today than ever before, but they are also more inclined to seek out sales people who can help them create value in their business,” according to Daly. “Being a B2B buyer is harder than people think, and the impact on a customer of a bad buying decision is usually greater than the impact on a seller of a lost deal. There is a great opportunity for sellers who understand how to build their own business by focusing on how they can help the buyer. Then everyone wins.”

Market Reaction

“The Sales & Marketing Continuum in Battling the 57% is such an amazingly simple and clever way of showing something complicated.”
Avinash Kaushik, Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist.

“Battling the 57% is a timely and valuable reminder of this reality and a counterpoint to other less informed positions.”
GEOFFREY JAMES, columnist for

“Today’s sellers need to differentiate between commodity buyers and those who seek real guidance from their suppliers. In this ebook, Donal shows you how to it quickly – and then, how to develop creative strategies that work best with each type.”

“Donal has nailed what most marketers continue to fail to comprehend at all. You can engage with a prospect anywhere from 0% to 99% of the way through their buying process. You just need a plan for how to successfully engage them.”
ERIC WITTLAKE, Media Director, Babcock & Jenkins

“Donal Daly clearly and concisely busts the purchase process myths that have been holding B2B companies back. I applaud the return of common sense to B2B selling.”
JULIE SCHWARTZ, Senior VP Research and Thought Leadership, ITSMA

“A vitally important lesson that’s also incredibly well written. Many B2B professionals understand the 57 percent problem but don’t yet know how to address it. This book makes your next steps and strategy clear and actionable. It should be required reading for modern sales & marketing professionals.”
MATT HEINZ, CEO, Heinz Marketing

Battling the 57% illuminates how the discovery of mutual value can help sales professionals and marketers avoid the 57% pressure, giving readers methods to engage with customers long before they reach the critical point, and demonstrating how sales and marketing teams can turn the process to their advantage after the 57% point by focusing on creating, not just communicating, value.

About Donal Daly

Donal is CEO and Founder of The TAS Group, his fifth global business enterprise. Combining his expertise in enterprise software applications, artificial intelligence and sales methodology, he continues to revolutionize the sales effectiveness industry. Donal was also CEO and Founder at Software Development Tools, NewWorld Commerce, The Customer Respect Group, and Select Strategies – all of which were acquired by various parties. Donal has authored four books, including his recent #1 Amazon Bestseller, Account Planning in Salesforce.