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FileBound for Accounts Payable

Increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve visibility, and maintain compliance standards.

Accounts Payable automation that really works.

FileBound’s workflow automation capabilities help Accounts Payable departments of all sizes by reducing the staff burden of manual routing and data entry, eliminating bottlenecks, improving transparency via workflow rules, and creating standardized processes to enforce compliance with internal mandates as well as external standards for audit purposes. Our secure content repository centralizes documents and metadata from nearly any source, and has all the components necessary to build a complete automation solution at a single cost.

FileBound enables remote work using responsive technology that delivers a premium user experience on any device. Simply review, approve, and track status from anywhere. Electronic forms let users create and host forms directly in FileBound for use by internal or external customers to drive activities such as PO requests, distributed invoice capture, or virtually any task in the enterprise.

Solution benefits

  • FileBound makes vendor selection and onboarding a breeze. View all of your important vendor documents from one place. Quickly toggle through folders, identify missing documents, and compare proposals from different vendors.
  • Accounts payable staff can easily automate the details, whether a simple invoice, hundreds of line items, or a batch invoice. Utilize advanced features to simply scan and start approvals workflows based on department, location, spend amount, approval limits—and a mix of all variables.
  • Empower vendors by enabling self-service, so staff have time to do what they do best—manage your company’s accounting. Let vendors manage their own invoices, payments, and other concerns with just a few clicks.

We love a success story! See how FileBound helped streamline AP processes at nonprofit Yonkers Community Action Program.

Wait there’s more! FileBound’s Electronic Forms and Forms Portal can greatly enhance your AP team’s productivity.

What else can we do? FileBound also tackles challenges Human Resources staff face daily.

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