Success Story

Stand Down finds a way to provide service to veterans and their families faster.

Stand Down needed a way to speed up client service requests for critical housing and utility assistance.

Stand Down’s lean accounting team felt stretched thin. Working around the clock to manually process time-sensitive requests to help a growing population of homeless and at-risk veterans and their families secure assistance with housing and utilities, as well as job training and education, was a challenge. Every request was an urgent one, which meant a three week turnaround time wasn’t going to work, and they needed a better solution.

Customer success highlights

  • After a fast 2-week implementation, paper-based, manual processes were replaced with FileBound forms and workflows.
  • The accounting team can quickly process urgent client requests, such as Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) requests, at 75+ requests per week and growing.
  • Staff can review and process requested funds for third-party vendors in as little as 24 hours, down from weeks using old processes.

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The challenge

Stand Down’s lean accounting team was working around the clock to manually process time-sensitive client requests. TFAs arrived at the nonprofit as paper documents, then needed to be manually scanned and routed for approval, which could take weeks to help the clients they served. Stand Down needed a more streamlined way to achieve its mission.

How they did it

FileBound’s comprehensive workflow capabilities replaced manual processes such as paper mail distribution or email threads for approvals with automated routing and action alerts. Staff can now review, approve, and process requested funds to third-party vendors including utility or housing providers within 24 hours of the request.

The results

After implementing FileBound’s document management and automated workflow technology Stand Down saw a drastic reduction in client service times. Payment processing went from literally weeks to as little as one day. Now staff has more time to focus on achieving their mission instead of printing, scanning, and tracking down physical paper documentation.

Stand Down continues to expand FileBound’s document management and automated workflow technology into other areas of the nonprofit. Staff created an online financial assistance request form so that case managers can easily input information and attach supporting documents to the client file. Access to the form is available via the web, making daily tasks easier for office staff and those working remotely. The nonprofit’s staff have also simplified their annual audit procedures along the way, since every document within FileBound is stored securely for easy recall.

“FileBound has helped our busy team by leaps and bounds! Service time has gone from weeks to only a day or two for our clients, and it has certainly made life easier for our staff as well. The capabilities of the software has rescued us.”

Sarah Powers
Lead Case Manager
Stand Down

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