White Paper

Content Management 2020: Thinking Beyond ECM

Here's a reality-check: ECM as we know it will soon be gone.

Here’s a reality-check: ECM as we know it will soon be gone.

It’s in the cards: content will be everywhere and in everything, but Content Management will be increasingly invisible. We pose these conclusions about the Content Management
landscape in 2020 as we look back at content’s evolution. Specifically:

  • The challenge of managing the intersection of people, processes, and information is not a new one.
  • There have been five eras of managing the people/process/information intersection.
  • We are now transitioning to a sixth era in managing this intersection.
  • Organizations are hungry for best practices amidst the chaos of the emerging sixth era.
  • A new industry label is needed.

Take a look into future scenarios by downloading the white paper.

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