CTI Features

The Very Best in User Interface Design and Application Functionality

InGenius Connector Enterprise equips contact centers with tools to increase agent productivity while providing a better overall customer experience. The intuitive user interface is integrated directly into your CRM, which means fewer clicks for agents, and a single, consolidated repository of customer information for more efficient management.

Screen Pop

Using caller ID or customer-entered information from your interactive voice response (IVR) system, InGenius Connector Enterprise pops customer data on your contact center agents’ screens before calls are picked up. Screen pop saves time by automatically providing caller information, and calls come with context, allowing agents to provide a personalized customer experience.

Watch How Screen Pop Works
InGenius Screen Pop App Screen


For fast and easy calling, InGenius Connector Enterprise enables your agents to click on any phone field in your CRM to dial out with a handset or softphone. InGenius click-to-dial uses intelligent dialing, so that calls always connect. Configurable speed dials and a search-and-dial function optimize rapid dialing even further.

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InGenius Click to Dial App screen

Automated Call Logging

InGenius Connector Enterprise eliminates the need for your agents to manually log calls. With automated call logging, they can quickly add notes with configurable templates that decrease call wrap-up time. InGenius consistently captures inbound and outbound calls in your CRM, along with their associated records and call duration, for rich and accurate call log reporting and dashboards.

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InGenius Call Logging App screen

CRM Screen Transfer

With InGenius Connector Enterprise, CRM screen transfer gives a warm start to all transferred calls. Information your agent captures, plus related objects, is automatically transferred with a call to any subsequent agent, so that customers never have to repeat information. CRM screen transfer improves the customer experience and provides a more efficient hand-off between your agents.

Watch How Screen Transfer Works
InGenius CRM transfer App screen

Contact Center Dashboards and Reports

InGenius Connector Enterprise stores accurate, consistent data directly within your CRM. The solution enables enhanced management reporting on call data and performance metrics in your CRM dashboard, which you can use to make smart decisions about the administration of your contact center.

Watch How Reporting Works

Intelligent Dialing

InGenius intelligent dialing ensures call pops and click-to-call always work, no matter what country or area code your agents and callers are in, and regardless of the phone number formats stored in your CRM. Phone data is automatically adapted to regional, carrier, and handset-specific dialing patterns. Intelligent dialing simplifies the agent experience and connects calls effectively.

InGenius intelligent dialing App screen


Guaranteeing the success of your CTI project with a full range of features


Software Set-Up

  • Simple installation through an online meeting, typically 60-90 minutes long
  • No desktop client installation
  • Workflow integrations to match the software’s behavior to your business processes
  • Support multiple call centers with specific customizations
  • Multi-platform support (Windows, OS X)
  • Multi-browser support (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Multi-line support

IVR Integration

  • Call pop to the CRM screen based on incoming user-entered IVR information
  • Integrated IVR-entered information in data fields inside the CRM

Agent Management

  • Automatic log-in option
  • Agent queue log-in and status setting

Software Administration

  • Easy license management across multiple locations
  • Automatic license optimization based on activity
  • Granular admin access security to specific groups of users for licensing, configuration, and user management


  • Support for Salesforce Omni-Channel in Classic and Lightning, including phone, chat, and device channels

Inbound Call Handling

  • Screen pop based on incoming call ID
  • Selective match for incoming calls with multiple record matches
  • “Create New” buttons for leads, contacts, account, cases, and opportunities with auto-population of information from the incoming call
  • Click-to-create for automatically creating new cases and incidents
  • Pop to Salesforce Lightning Flow to automatically direct callers through workflows

Outbound Dialing

  • Click-to-dial from within CRM records
  • Configurable, single-click speed dial buttons
  • Search and dial from integrated text entry bar
  • Intelligent dialing that adapts to regional, carrier, and handset-specific dialing patterns
  • Preview dialer for Salesforce

Call Transferring

  • One-click transfer buttons
  • CRM screen transfer with calls
  • Propagated caller ID on transferred call

Call Logging

  • Automatic call logging with duration, subject, and comments
  • Customizable templates for frequently used or required call log subjects and comments
  • Extendable call logging notes field
  • Customizable call wrap-up codes
  • Wrap-up timer countdown integrated from phone switch


  • Storage of call data directly in the CRM, without the need for a separate tool
  • Out-of-the-box, customizable call center dashboards and real-time helpdesk metrics

Chatbot Integration

  • Escalate Salesforce Einstein Bot chats to a phone agent

User Interface

  • Intuitive user interface (option to translate language)
  • Integrated call control (answer, hang-up, hold, retrieve, transfer, conference, consult)
  • Pop-out user interface to a new browser window or second screen in Salesforce


  • No-risk, 30-day trial for new customers
  • Implementation, ongoing support, and software updates included at no additional cost
  • Customer portal for product documentation, release notes, how-to videos, and other resources

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