How Empowering Your Agents Boosts the Customer Experience

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Ella Steffenberg Product Marketing Specialist, Upland Software

From struggling to find the appropriate information as an agent or becoming increasingly frustrated having to repeatedly reiterate your problem as a customer, both parties can experience difficulties. Whether you manage a contact center or phoned into one yourself for help with a product, we all know the difference between a smooth and rocky digital customer service experience. Below, we walk through how Upland InGenius empowers agent success to help create a better customer experience.   

Higher call handling capabilities enable smoother support experiences

No one likes waiting in a support queue line. And once you’re at the front of that queue, the struggle remains as it can take a while to be routed to a knowledgeable agent for customer support assistance. After just 60 seconds on hold, 60% of customers will hang up*.

With the key InGenius connection, customers are more easily matched with an agent who has the skill sets needed to help them on the spot, avoiding potential further frustrations. This unification along with an increased call handling capacity and one-click customer transfers (including features such as automatic CRM screen sharing transfers), service experiences are smoother for everyone. And here’s the best part – agents don’t have to leave one application for another. With InGenius, everything is connected in one central location.

Identifying caller pain points and trends

Having all customer information in the same place is paramount to agent success. With this, agents can more easily access all previous customer interactions and account details at any time. InGenius empowers your agents by entering calls with context and no longer going in blind.

Through this CRM-to-telephony integration, there’s a system automatically logging all inbound and outbound calls which enables agents to take notes and save them to the customer profile for the next time they call. Working in concert with your CRM, access to customer insights helps guide the conversation and allows more efficient troubleshooting. And if this is a first-time customer call, InGenius intuitively guides agents to create a new contact.

Increased customer satisfaction

With acute attention-to-detail and tools built specifically for agents, InGenius customers report seeing Net Promoter Score (NPS) increases by as much as 50% when companies incorporate it into their tech stack. The increased agent productivity helps develop and maintain stronger customer relationships. It also builds trust, as customers know they will receive the help they need when they need it.

If you’d like to learn more about how to empower your agents and provide the best customer experience, reach out to the Upland InGenius team today.



*Truelist – Call Center Statistics – 2023

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