Goodbye, copper POTS lines: Hello, cloud fax!

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As telecom service providers are aware, the FCC has issued an order expiring regulations on support and pricing for copper Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) lines in the US and promoting these services to be replaced with alternative services by August 2, 2022. While the end of these services has been planned for a while, time is running out. And that’s bad news for many legacy fax users who use analog lines where mission-critical services could be suddenly impacted or costs doubled, tripled, or more.  Think about the benefits of online cloud fax services to benefit your business.

Who does this effect?

Since most of us have personally been using high-speed connections for years now, we likely won’t feel the impact of this change. But businesses and organizations, on the other hand – a large majority of them rely heavily on fax for the transmission of important documents. For official (and confidential) documentation, email does not qualify as a sufficient means of communication. Therefore, companies in a variety of industries rely on fax to send and receive documents to keep business running smoothly and efficiently.  

What’s the solution?

It’s time to move to a secure online cloud fax service. And not just because there’s a deadline looming. Cloud fax offers added security by transferring files digitally, which means the documents are stored in the cloud and only accessible by intended parties. Upland InterFAX’s online cloud fax services provide additional security with end-to-end encryption and by meeting the most stringent security requirements, including PCI, HIPAA and PHIPA. 

InterFAX’s online cloud fax services are more cost-effective than traditional fax as well. With online fax, printing isn’t necessary, which means you’ll save on ink, toner, and paper – not to mention hardware maintenance and upkeep! 

Making the switch to online cloud fax is easy!

It’s simple and we can walk you through it. No installations needed! All you need is a computer and internet. We’re ready to help you get started.

Learn more about how InterFAX’s online fax service can ensure the security of your communications. Sign up for a live demo or start a free trial today! 

Have more questions about traditional fax vs. online cloud fax? Check out our blog. 

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