Open Source Terms and References

Panviva products are developed using a number of high-quality open-source products. These products are distributed as part of Panviva’s Services, according to the terms of their respective open-source licences.

Panviva is required to acknowledge source code for these products. If you would like to obtain the source code for any of these products, we recommend that you obtain the most current release from the appropriate project home page in the list below.

Panviva endeavours to keep the links in this list current, but accepts no responsibility for accuracy or use of the information provided in the links. Links to these websites do not constitute an endorsement of those particular sites or the material at those sites, or any associated organisation, product or service. The user accepts all risks and responsibility for losses, damages, costs and other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from using any of the sites and any information or material available from them.

OSS License Name
License Text
Additional Information
MIT License
GPL 1.0 or later
GPL 2.0
Classpath exception to GPL 2.0 or later
GPL 3.0
LGPL 2.0 or later
LGPL 2.1
LGPL 3.0
Apache 2.0
DejaVu Font License
MS ASP.NET Software License
MS ASP.NET Web Pages 2 License
Open SSL/SSLeay
ISC License
X11 License
MPL 2.0
Telerik EULA
ZLIB License