Can you really future-proof CX? Probe CX says yes!

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Knowledge management. It used to be something organizations were slightly aware of, but not well versed in what it could do for them. However, all of that is changing in the last few years as the AI hype has ramped up.

To learn more about how organizations are utilizing AI with their knowledge, we spoke with Probe CX’s Curation Services Manager, Jacqui Smalley, on our webinar, Innovate to Elevate: Shaping Your KM & AI Strategy for Future Proof CX.

As a business process outsourcing (BPO) organization, providing the best customer experience possible for its customers is in Probe CX’s DNA. In the last year, the biggest change it saw in customers and contact centers was that many organizations began chasing the Generative AI gold rush. However, Smalley cautions organizations to take their time and implement new technologies like AI at their own pace.

While AI isn’t going to replace humans, it will help to augment daily tasks and elevate an organization’s area of expertise. By utilizing Panviva’s AI-powered knowledge assistant, Digital Orchestrator, Smalley’s team was able to achieve what she says is the trifecta of customer service:

  • Low handling time or AHT
  • High quality results
  • Exceptional customer service for agents and customers

Probe CX was able to elevate the customer experience for every party involved without sacrificing one for the other. It did this through ensuring agents had immediate access to personalized responses regardless of which digital channel they’ve already interacted with. By using Panviva’s Digital Orchestrator, Probe CX was also able to:

  • Improve workplace efficiency
  • Optimize content governance
  • Enhance agent engagement
  • Maximize its cost savings
  • Expedited new hire and veteran contact center training
  • Strengthen agent retention

Before knowledge and AI joined forces, company knowledge was something that people knew existed, but weren’t sure how to get operational value from. Now contact centers everywhere can help their agents perform at a higher level with AI-powered knowledge management.

To learn more about how to drive agent content engagement and more, check out our on-demand webinar.

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