Success Story

Global travel company improves agent and customer experience with Panviva

Streamlined information for a cohesive customer service experience across all channels.

Having a consistent way for customers to communicate with your business is arguably a keystone of most businesses today. From unpredictable natural disasters to political unrest, companies in the travel industry need to be ready for anything. It also must do so while providing personalized customer experiences and meeting tourism demands.

With a global presence, customers could possibly reach out to this travel experience company any given time from a number of contact options. The biggest obstacle for this organization was the risk and reality that customers would get different answers from different touchpoints for the same issue.

To get a better understanding of how this organization helped streamline their information, check out our case study.

How Panviva helped this global travel company:

  • 22% Reduction in Average Handle Time
  • Accelerated agent competency by 2 months
  • 33% Reduction in agent training time

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