Mastering One Voice: A Marketing Fable and Field Guide to Content Operations

This is a story of overcoming the odds in an age of content chaos.

This episode of Revenue Optimization Radio features a new host who will be sharing duties with Patrick Morrissey. Sean Broderick is the Marketing Lead for Upland Software in the Revenue Optimization Business Unit. Sean welcomes co-authors, Toby Murdock and Zoë Randolph. This is a collaborative book about content operations. The evangelist and the writer’s strengths really come through in this book. There are so many books out there that make your eyes bleed because they are so boring. This is definitely not one of those books. It allows you to let your guard down and connect with the characters in the fable about Securita. You’ll hear about the wall of shame and why you need one.

About the book:

This is a story of overcoming the odds in an age of content chaos. In part one, find out what happens when one fictional-yet-determined marketing team decides it’s time for all the voices at their company to sing in harmony, in one cohesive voice. Follow Nancy, Rebecca, Nigel, and their colleagues as they navigate the challenges of disconnected customer touchpoints, the nightmare of sales-created collateral (shudder), the demands of consistent revenue growth, and the internal change management that will dictate their success—or failure.

In part two, you’ll find a practical field guide for your journey to impactful content operations. Capitalize on the biggest opportunity facing modern marketing teams: To unite revenue teams to speak in one voice across every customer journey and accelerate revenue through content. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. This book will show you the way.

About Sean’s guests:

Toby Murdock, General Manager, Upland Software
Toby co-founded Kapost in 2009 and served as CEO through its 2019 acquisition by Upland Software. When he’s not sharing his vision for the future of marketing. Toby is biking, hiking, or skiing in Boulder, CO with his wife and three daughters.

Zoë Randolph, Content Architect, Upland Kapost
Zoë brings her love of writing and business strategy to her work leading strategic messaging and content creation. When she’s off the clock, Zoë can be found immersed in a book, talking politics, or agonizing over the mediocrity of Cal Bears athletics.

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