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Invest in your team and make sure everyone understands the power of FileBound from the ground up. Our comprehensive instructor-led course initiatives provide users with the opportunity to obtain hands-on training –  without leaving the office. FileBound University courses are largely webinar based and will be recurring, allowing plenty of opportunities to expand your FileBound knowledge in a way that fits with both your schedule and budget.

For your convenience, we are now offering course bundling options in addition to our a la carte options. This means you can create your own FileBound University experience – and potentially save some big bucks in the process! Read on below for details.

Introduction & End User

We’ll cover basic FileBound Terminology, signing in, menu configuration, search criteria, assignment types, taking action, web viewers, pick-list, searching docs, index and doc creation, web-viewer navigation, FileBound Capture, and FileBound Connect in detail.

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Workflow Assignment Management

We’ll cover workflow concepts, reports, clipboard, and workflow assignment management functions in this course.

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Admin 101

In this course, we’ll discuss FileBound terminology, project building, users and groups, security, an intro to forms and workflow, form and workflow configuration, and the discovery process.

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Admin 102

This continuation of Admin 101 will cover advanced form creation, tables and line items, calculation configuration, related files & docs, advanced discovery, and project creation.

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Advanced Forms & Workflow

Here we’ll take a deep dive into advanced workflow logic, child processes, advanced discovery, sub-processes, and we’ll give you an introduction to PowerShell in FileBound context.

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Installation Specialist

This course was created for the FileBound Solution Designers set. Aimed at our reseller and premise-based users, this course will teach you about key aspects of server management and maintenance.

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Solution Architect

This course covers workflow automation, complete solution construction, and capture integration into workflow.

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Annual Re-certification

These two-day training sessions will recertify users in FileBound Workflow & Forms (FBSA) and FileBound Solutions Architect (FBSA) courses.

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This is the place to learn new skills – and hone old ones.

We strive to deliver a first-class educational experience for our best in class document management and workflow automation solution. When you graduate you won’t just have a certification to hang on your wall, you’ll have a more thorough understanding of how our automation software can eliminate tedious processes and increase efficiencies, so you and your staff can focus on meaningful work – not just paperwork.

Course Bundles

Tailor your FBU experience to your unique needs with one of our four available course bundles, which offers the additional benefit of cost savings!

  • Power User (Courses: Introduction & End User, Workflow Assignment Management)
  • Core Understanding Certification (Courses: Introduction & End User, Workflow Assignment Management, Admin 101, Admin 102)
  • Forms & Workflow Certification (Courses: Workflow Assignment Management, Admin 101, Admin 102, Advanced Forms & Workflow)
  • Solution Architect Certification (Courses: Introduction & End User, Workflow Assignment Management, Admin 101, Admin 102, Advanced Forms & Workflow, Installation Specialist, Solution Architect)

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A La Carte Courses

Don’t need the whole shebang just yet? Sign up for one of our FBU courses a la carte for a quick intro or refresher, so you can get more out of your FileBound solution.

  • Introduction & End User
  • Workflow Assignment Management
  • Admin 101
  • Admin 102
  • Forms & Workflow
  • Installation Specialist
  • Solution Architect
  • Annual Re-certification

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