Success Story

Yonkers Community Action Program automates AP processes, reducing work during audits.

This nonprofit needed to eliminate inefficient manual accounting processes and reduce paperwork. Using FileBound, staff has automated the routing, review, and approval of expenses and streamlined its audit processes.

Yonkers Community Action Program was focusing too much time physically delivering packets to the Board Treasurer for review and approval. Between the shuffle of delivery, review, approval, and heading back into the office to process paperwork, they knew it was time to take processes digital.

Not only that, but as a nonprofit that is consistently under grantor audits and yearly compliance audits, they wanted a way to help auditors find documentation they needed to complete their due diligence, without taking staff time away from important client duties to help auditors find what they needed.

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Benefits of FileBound’s solutions for this nonprofit:

  • Electronic document processing allows the Board Treasurer to easily and securely review and approve requests for urgent funds. No paper shuffle necessary.
  • Accounting staff was able to drastically improve turnaround for grantor audits as well as annual audits, since they were able to give auditors access to documentation via a dedicated sign on to FileBound.
  • The team plans to expand FileBound’s employee lifecycle management capabilities to their Human Resources department.
“With FileBound, we have everything in the cloud and can refer to it, which is crucial from a document retention perspective.”

Nadia Matthie
Board Treasurer
Yonkers Community Action Program

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