Success Story

Fruit Farming and Production Company Streamlines HR and Compliance Lifecycle Processes

This US-based top 10 fruit farming and production Company uses FileBound and AccuRoute to improve processes for their Human Resources, Food Safety, and Compliance teams.

In just over four weeks, this US-based top 10 fruit farming and production Company implemented a series of solutions to address the needs of their Human Resources, Food Safety, and Compliance teams using Upland’s FileBound and AccuRoute products to boost efficiency across the enterprise.

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Customer success highlights

  • The company’s Human Resources team digitized their employee files and implemented processes to streamline the ongoing management of employee records.
  • Onboarding 4,000 seasonal employees once took a small team five weeks to accomplish but is now overseen by a single person thanks to automation.
  • Electronic forms help ensure compliance with FDA requirements—ultimately giving the company confidence in the product it is delivering to customers.

The challenge

As a busy global fruit farming and production company that ships hundreds of thousands of tons of produce each year, the company’s executive team wanted to invest in process automation to help streamline everyday activities, ensure compliance to industry regulations, and keep processing costs low.

The legal risk associated with incomplete new-hire paperwork, especially work contracts, in an increasingly complex environment meant dedicating countless staff hours to auditing paperwork for completeness. As industry regulations and complexities continue to mount, the company needed a document management and workflow automation solution to help ensure compliance while reducing labor-hours associated with manual audits and processes.

How they did it

Implemented in just over four weeks, Upland AccuRoute and FileBound created a combined approach to Employee Lifecycle Automation solutions allowed the company’s Human Resources team to significantly reduce the time taken to audit hiring contracts, while also compliantly storing documentation on thousands of new and returning seasonal workers.

The results

Looking to onboard 4,000 seasonal, migrant employees in only four months, the team increased their speed of hiring while reducing the burden of auditing their new-hire paperwork by digitizing the onboarding process. What took a small team five weeks to accomplish is now overseen by a single person thanks to automation.

The company expanded its solution to Food Safety and Compliance, where FileBound is used as system of record for critical compliance documents, providing employees a single, up-to-date system to check report logs and find accurate forms and checklists. Forms give the compliance team visibility into the tasks completed and ensures compliance with FDA requirements — ultimately giving the company confidence in the product it is delivering to customers.

“For us, there is nothing more important than our employees, as we are nothing without them. Our teams work together to produce an outstanding product. The efficiencies that Upland helps us drive in the background play a large part in that.”

Director of Human Resources
US Fruit Farming Company

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