Case Study

Cedarville University

Cedarville University Provides Top-Notch Customer Service to its Students by Automating 20 Business Processes with FileBound by Upland Software

“The real value is how FileBound allows students to fill out required forms at their convenience. We no longer need to schedule meetings with students just to get a form signed.”
—Cedarville University

Burdened with an unscalable, home-grown document management solution, Cedarville set out to find a scalable solution that provided online forms with robust automation capabilities, allowing their team to build streamline entire department lifecycles and eliminate the manual, cumbersome processes that involved printing and storing over 22,000 pages of paper every year. There were also retention policies to account for, too. Some paper records, like degree justification which have a permanent retention policy, were eventually filling every corner of some staff members’ office space.

FileBound’s workflow automation and document management solution enhances the student experience by digitizing enrollment forms, identifying and helping at-risk students, and streamlining internal communication to allow staff to spend more time working with and counseling students.

Benefits of FileBound for this university:

  • Instant access to student-related information
  • Increased level of customer service to students
  • Improved efficiency for Human Resources position requisition process

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