Data Sheet

FileBound Connect

FileBound Connect eliminates the tedious process of searching for data by intelligently delivering content.

We’ve automated intelligent content delivery, which means your workday just got easier.

ERPs, CRMs, accounting systems, oh my! The number of applications employees navigate daily can be cumbersome when efficiency is at stake. FileBound Connect anticipates and intelligently delivers content relevant to a user’s needs, eliminating the tedious process of searching to retrieve related content. Our clean design and out-of-the-box integrations transform the way users connect to their everyday line of business applications. Content can be easily imported from office add-ins, manually drag and drop, or even scanned with a twain scanner. You can even easily create content with web forms or using a word document as a content template.

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With features like drag and drop functionality and instant notifications, FileBound Connect helps busy staff get more done by sending the content they need right to their fingertips. The real magic of FileBound Connect is that the software creates integrations without heavy custom coding. In most cases it’s as easy as clicking on the data you want to integration with, so you don’t have to be a developers to create content mappings.

Fast, reliable, and user-friendly is the name of the game, and with FileBound Connect, accessing your content has never been easier.

Key benefits of FileBound Connect:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with key line of business applications
  • Ease of use: thorough adoption with minimal learning curve
  • Complements and adapts to existing business processes
  • Improves staff productivity, efficiency, and responsiveness
  • Built-in controls facilitate regulatory compliance and mitigate business and legal risk