InterFAX helps TxMultilisting Users Take Control of Their Own Health

July 11, 2023 2 minute read

Team Interfax

TxMultilisting provides a website that helps patients navigate the complex process of receiving a life-saving kidney transplant. Intent on reducing hurdles associated with the process, they were in search of a way for patients to safely fax medical records and communications at scale. InterFAX was their answer to helping patients securely transmit medical records to apply for multiple kidney transplant lists through TxMultilisting.

“When Irena first came to us, she was still early in the web development process and knew she had a lot to learn. We were moved by her story and drive to help others; we were ready to do anything to ensure TxMultilisting could help as many people as possible,” said Kaleb Williams, Upland InterFAX Customer Success Manager. “InterFAX was happy to provide extra support and customer service, and we can’t wait to see how many lives are saved.”

TxMultilisting helps patients collect records, labs, test, and all other information required for a transplant, and has helped patients go from a six-year waitlist to receiving a kidney in a matter of weeks by using their site to apply to additional lists across the country.

InterFAX is proud to partner with TxMultilisting as they work to save lives and make the system better for patients in need. Learn more about their partnership and read the complete case study here.

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