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Secure, Efficient, and Cost-Effective: The Advantages of Cloud Fax in the Healthcare Industry

Now's the time to say goodbye to legacy fax systems and move to the cloud.

Faxing as a mechanism for information transmission underpins the foundational technology now a staple of the healthcare system—the EHR. Its usefulness as a HIPAA-compliant protocol for sending and receiving information is evident in its pervasiveness and longevity. But legacy fax systems are on the decline, and for many good reasons.

“Most people in a healthcare organization don’t actually know that their data is being faxed, except for the smaller doctor’s offices where they are using fax machines themselves,” says Shawn Freligh, SVP and General Manager of Content Lifecycle Automation at Upland Software. “Cloud fax improves on traditional fax servers by reducing maintenance and reliance on a shrinking pool of experts able to support physical equipment at scale. Additionally, all these faxes can be securely directed into your EMR or health IT system, integrating them into the patient record. Similarly, information from EHR technology can be faxed if needed, allowing for secure data transfer into and out of the system.”

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Cloud fax in healthcare

Download this InterFAX whitepaper to learn why the healthcare industry’s heavy reliance on traditional faxing methods for information exchange has persisted, and how the present landscape offers an opportunity to address the pain points associated with traditional fax and embrace the benefits of cloud faxing. In this piece we’ll take a deep dive into conversations around:

Pain points of traditional fax in healthcare

  • Privacy and security risks
  • Limited operability
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Compliance challenges
  • Lack of integration with modern technologies
  • Cost and maintenance
  • Limited scalability

How cloud fax can help

  • Streamline workflows
  • Enhance security
  • Realize significant cost savings
  • Improve speed of services
  • Integration with emerging technologies
  • Increase time to focus on patient care

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