10 Must-Know Gen AI Terms in Knowledge Management

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Fiona Vanderlinde Product Marketing Specialist for Contact Center Products

Generative AI. It’s the latest trend and buzzword being used everywhere, but what is it and what should we all know about it? In the knowledge management (KM) space, using artificial intelligence (AI) on some level isn’t new. However, Gen AI sounds like it can perform tasks that had previously only been performed by humans. So before contact center and knowledge management professionals dive into the world of AI, there’s a few basic concepts to brush up on.

First off, let’s talk about the elephant in the room—Generative AI. What is it exactly? We know it’s a type of AI that produces text, imagery, audio, and synthetic related content. When ChatGPT was catapulted onto the scene just over a year ago, it felt like a gold rush of people running towards it. While it has significantly changed the tech world and how content is generated forever, it is important to understand the basics and some of the key terms in this space.

First, we go over the basics of AI and Gen AI. Then, we share a breakdown of some key Generative AI-related terms:

Being aware of the different parts that touch content-generating AI is a great step before diving in or refreshing a knowledge base’s capabilities. This allows contact center leaders to really understand what’s necessary for their team and what they can do without. It also helps you talk to those tech people who love a good acronym!

At Upland, we believe AI is a tool to remove tasks, not people, and there will likely always be a human in the loop (HITL) with an 80/20 model in place. For this, AI would do 80 percent of the groundwork, allowing the remaining 20 percent to be done by a human who can utilize 100 percent of their effort towards their remaining tasks. By adopting this approach, contact centers can let AI handle the more mundane and low value tasks while agents can focus all their time on those complex customer service issues that need a human touch.

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