Case Study

NextCare shows how Panviva “handles” it

Discover how content consolidation and a user-friendly authoring process with Panviva improved staff engagement and morale.


Cumbersome knowledge base.

NextCare faced the challenge of updating an older system that slowed down call center response times and access to vital information. This led to agents memorizing answers and raising the potential for errors and supplying misinformation. With Panviva, NextCare consolidated information and employed a user-friendly content authoring process.

“Panviva is an all-encompassing fix for all of our customers and patients.” – Stephanie Swinbourne, Director of the Customer Service Center


Quick updates that are easy to make.

Panviva brought a user-friendly interface with real-time updates, empowering agents to give patients accurate information in critical situations. NextCare was able to reduce call handling time and increase first call resolutions.


A streamlined system with faster, accurate outcomes.

The use of Panviva drove several outcomes for NextCare, including:

  • 15-second reduction in call handling time
  • Increased rates of first call resolutions
  • Improved staff engagement and morale

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