Success Story

MoneyMe streamlines internal information sharing utilizing Upland Panviva

With Upland Panviva, MoneyMe trained employees quickly while ensuring compliance.

How do you train employees quickly while ensuring compliance?

MoneyMe came to Upland Panviva looking for a long term, time-saving solution for their internal operations.

During its rapid growth, MoneyMe uncovered a need to evolve and streamline internal processes to keep pace within this dynamic, fast-moving industry, while also being able to effectively manage the accuracy of information being shared throughout the company.

With 50 new employees all undertaking their training and onboarding remotely via conference calls, there was little opportunity for face-to-face collaboration and discussion. This resulted in an influx of questions from new staff seeking correct information and clarity. The risk of these internal questions going unanswered, or a potential lag in response time, could easily result in employees feeling unequipped to effectively deal with customer queries.

Fast-tracked training using a single source of truth.

Through Upland Panviva’s knowledge management system, MoneyMe has been able to quickly and easily send team members correct and up-to-date information, minimize the number of internal questions received, and decrease the amount of time spent each week on team training and onboarding new employees. By spending less time on manual, one-on-one training, managers are now able to dedicate more time working on key projects that further advance the business, and prioritize their clients’ needs

“It has been really easy to work with Upland Panviva. The resources they provided us with were great and we were able to easily get in contact with the team for seamless integration. After utilizing their knowledge management platform, we’ve noticed a visible decrease in how many questions are received from new team members. Utilizing the important updates section on the homepage has allowed us to share critical business updates.” – Jake, MoneyMe

Long-term change for long-term success.

It’s critical in the Fintech space when processes and products are evolving so rapidly that employees have access to a central repository for knowledge. This ensures they are meeting strict regulatory requirements and clearly communicating information to customers–all readily available at their fingertips, with the ease of clicking a button.

Informing teams to provide a better customer experience.

With Panviva as a single source of truth, MoneyMe has been able to minimize the number of training sessions needed to keep employees up to date. They can now conduct a single 1-hour training session with key members and share the information company-wide, eliminating the need for further training or questions.

The MoneyMe team was impressed with the fast adoption rate of the tool throughout the workplace and its ability to bring everyone together in accessing the correct information. The system implementation has already gained positive feedback from the internal team as they further build their business knowledge, and confidence to relay the correct information to their customers.

One of the additional long-term benefits MoneyMe has seen emerging is the beginning of behavioral change within the organization. Employees are happily adopting the habit of consulting the Panviva knowledge management system as their first point of reference. If an information gap is identified, it’s then escalated to management, who can then upload the relevant information and communicate it to the entire company. This feeds a continual information-sharing loop and drives collaboration where it can make a difference.

Panviva’s technology implemementation was seamless.

The intuitive design means that Panviva sits alongside MoneyMe’s current CRM, guiding employees through each customer journey. Delievered via a simple overlay, there was no need for complex integration, making the rollout seamless for the entire organization.


Drastically reduced training time

Speeded up onboarding

Minimized the number of internal questions among staff

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