Success Story

Samaritan Health Services resolves hidden issues using Upland Panviva

With Panviva, Samaritan Health Services found—and fixed—hidden issues standing in the way of success.

How can you take information retrieval from ghastly to great?

Samaritan was growing—and so were its problems.

“Slow and getting slower,” is the way services operations manager Ruby Castañeda describes the state of information retrieval at Samaritan Health Services before Panviva. Reliance on SharePoint to access information and the use of email to communicate updates and announcements had created process and staff issues within the growing organization.

More importantly, the flawed systems were beginning to impact the quality of customer service.

A streamlined approach makes information accessible and consistent.

Although not actively looking for a new solution, Castañeda was intrigued by Panviva. After testing the product and seeing how it could dramatically improve information retrieval, she saw its potential clearly. Almost immediately, the team began to uncover issues that had been previously invisible.

Samaritan Health Services found—and fixed—hidden issues standing in the way of success.

It was once the implementation process began that Samaritan got its real surprise.

The discovery and scoping process that is standard in any Panviva integration revealed a department with hidden performance issues and a few process time bombs.

“We didn’t realize the issues that we had in the department before Panviva. Seasoned staff were still using processes that were old and did not make sense anymore. This would have unraveled down the road. Discovery made us look at everything all at once,” explains Castañeda.

As implementation continued, Panviva’s cloud-based performance software produced an inventory of all content, information, and processes to create a relevant data repository and contextual search that optimizes workflow and tasks. Along the way, Samaritan discovered outdated workflows, a lack of clear procedural direction, and misperceptions between the staff and management team.

A significant increase in operational efficiency.

Castañeda’s team has led a department- wide reorganization of information, and the results have been outstanding.

“Within the department things have been great. We are far more efficient than we have ever been. It is so much easier to send out notifications and know the staff received them,” Castañeda says.

With Panviva, staff productivity and morale have both improved. “We’ve had lots of positive responses. People are trusting the system more and more,” says Castañeda. “Communication with other departments like account management is better. Hands down, Panviva is way better [than what we had before].”


Increased job satisfaction

Improved operational efficiencies and employee productivity

More timely information dissemination

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