Rant & Rave for Retail

Shop Right Now, Thank You Very Much

We don’t need to tell you that retail is a fast-changing landscape and that winning a place in your customers’ hearts is harder than ever. What we can do is suggest some ways in which you can tackle your biggest challenges, and more importantly, see the back of them.

  • Walk this way

    To say the rise of online has made physical stores less important is simply untrue. Customers still want the experience of in-store shopping, but their expectations have changed. Creating a seamless and consistent omnichannel experience is crucial for ensuring you keep that footfall.

  • Let’s stay together

    Customer retention is a huge issue for every business at the moment — in fact, only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain, the rest churn. With customers switching their loyalties at the drop of a hat, the research is clear — customers are won and lost not by your product or price but by your customer service — how you make them feel.

  • Goodbye, but why?

    One of the biggest challenges retailers face is getting feedback from those who chose not to make a purchase. Imagine being able to ask every single person who didn’t make a purchase “why?”. By using ‘Listening Posts’ throughout your store or website, you can capture this otherwise untapped insight.

  • A whole new world

    Disruption in the market is fundamentally changing retail. Brands are constantly challenging the status quo and forcing retailers to keep up or be left behind. From Apple Pay to same-day delivery, adaptation is crucial to keep up with customer expectations.

So, let’s do something about it


Address the silent shopper

Shoppers don’t have time to wait, if something isn’t right then they’ll go elsewhere. So, if the changing room is a mess or your online checkout procedure is confusing, let them tell you in the moment with an always-on Listening Post. Equally, if they’re Raving about your latest product, thank them and encourage them to share their views with their friends. In retail, every second counts.

Empower employees

Provide your frontline staff with the information they need to change a customer’s experience. If they notice that something isn’t right, then empower them to be able to make it right, there and then. Often the most loyal customers are those who’ve had a negative experience positively resolved, so make sure your team understand the importance of their role and feel they can make a difference.

React in real time

Wave goodbye to the sea of faceless transactions and interactions, and start getting to know what really matters to your customers, by making it easy for them to share their views in real time. Make the most of new tech, like apps and digital receipts, to capture their views, and then map everything they say to existing customer records in your CRM system.

Be proactive about communication

One of the simplest ways to impress your customers is to give them the information they need, before they feel the need to ask for it. Use innovative solutions to make the delivery experience seamless, like DPD, and make sure you close the loop with every customer who shares their views with you. If you’ve made an improvement, reach out to every customer who gave you the idea, and encourage them to give you another try.

Our customers have…


Reduced the cost of complaints by over 30%

Achieved response rates of over 30%

Measured CSAT increases of 6.5%

Recorded savings of 20% on feedback budgets

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