AccuRoute Mobile Capture

We are enabling seamless information capture for a workforce on the move.

In response to the growing need for cloud-ready, comprehensive solutions, AccuRoute Mobile Capture provides organizations with the ability to access the digital processes and workflows they are already familiar with from any mobile device.

  • Security Focused

    All images captured using AccuRoute Mobile Capture are encrypted and leave no trace on the device’s local storage, a critical data security feature that aligns with industry regulations for audibility.

  • No Install Needed

    Built as a browser-based application, all users need to do is travel to a webpage, log in, and get started – as long as they have the correct permissions.

  • Multi-OS Support

    The solution is available for both iOS and Android-based devices, an essential component to providing a solution that is easily accessible for everyone.

  • Unlimited Users

    Organizations can effortlessly roll out remote capture to any number of staff members, as pricing is based on the amount of images sent through the application.

  • Prompt for Index Data

    Configure workflows to prompt the mobile user for Index Fields, creating the opportunity to easily enter metadata associated with the workflow for use downstream.

  • Image Pre-Processing

    Captured images immediately go through a pre-processing step that includes automatically detecting boundaries, cropping the document, and correcting perspective.

Capture and Send, It's That Easy

To address the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce, any images can be uploaded quickly and securely within the Upland application right from a user’s phone or camera. We provide customers with a “grab-and-go” user experience, where they can immediately begin using our resource with little to no training while knowing the data they capture will be accurate and secure.

Effortlessly Send Content Anywhere


Use mobile devices to quickly send content and documents off for OCR, cleanup, compiling, and routing to workflows including endpoints like email, fax, directly to Line-of-Business systems, network folders, or other storage.


Users can send content to themselves and then determine the next steps by forwarding it to MyFiles, Upland Intelligent Capture’s product-hosted, secure scan-to-self folder.


Scan, fax, and process documents from anywhere, whether in the home office working while on-the-go. It is easy for users to securely capture any images, enter various destinations, and send directly from a smartphone.

See how AccuRoute Mobile Capture can enable your remote workforce.