AccuRoute CX – Document Classification and Extraction Software (Forms Processing)

Unlock Information Trapped in Paper Documents

Other scanning solutions just use OCR functionality to snapshot a document – leaving the data trapped. AccuRoute CX allows users to parse out information embedded in forms, creating actionable data that enables organizations to accelerate the processing time of mission-critical form-based content. Built upon the AccuRoute capture platform, AccuRoute CX provides document classification and data extraction of forms, in addition to traditional free-form document OCR.

  • Streamline and reduce processing time for document-driven business processes
  • Eliminate errors and reduce labor costs associated with automatic data extraction and validation, replacing manual data entry
  • Highly scalable, extensive enterprise-class infrastructure designed to expand and support increased capacity as business demands evolve
  • Cost-effective, with no incremental per page fees

AccuRoute CX Enables Business Workflows

  • Processes incoming documents, in either image (scan, fax) or electronic format
  • Classifies and identifies documents into proper document types
  • Extracts values for specified data elements and maps those values to AccuRoute job properties for the documents classified
  • Creates exception handling opportunities for those documents not identified
  • Allows for approval of document image quality as well as confidence of data extracted
  • Enables straight-through processing where confidence is high and manual intervention is not required for specific document processes
  • Assembles documents into sets for further processing as they are received from varying locations and potentially at different times

Integrate automation and skip tedious indexing tasks using AccuRoute CX


AccuRoute Overview

Enterprise-Class Document Capture and Workflow Platform.

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AccuRoute® CX

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