Simplify your document-intensive processes without time-consuming, expensive implementation cycles.

AccuRoute is a server-based, enterprise-class document process automation platform that provides solutions to capture, process, deliver, and archive critical business documents. This out-of-the-box, highly scalable solution enables capture, fax, and document workflow solutions from a single, unified platform.

Create a more connected and aligned organization. Centralize and manage content with our simple-to-use document capture software solution. With AccuRoute, everyone can scan, share, search, and store documents electronically — quickly, easily, and securely.

Empower your team with new ways to capture, share, and file content. Our capture tools and intuitive workflows make it easy for users to process and access information from other document management systems, network folders, printers, and more. Simultaneously deliver documents to multiple locations in multiple formats – all from a single scan.


Using AccuRoute, end users can use multiple means of entry to capture pertinent business documents. The central interface known as Web Apps allows users to create distributions, quickly convert, view the documents as they’re being sent through the processes along with many other related functions.

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AccuRoute’s platform empowers businesses to have greater control of their processes surrounding business documents. Administrators can set permissions, create routing rules, track documents as they flow through processes, and configure the system as they see best fit for every scenario.

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Quality Control

Within AccuRoute lies a very powerful quality control command center that allows businesses to ensure the accuracy of their scans and input of information. This powerful tool is what is known as AccuRoute Queue; using this tool, workflows, approvals, signature collection, and document correction can all be found in one place.

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The ability to empower administrators and employees alike doesn’t stop at the ability to create and customize their AccuRoute platform, but also enables greater security and reliability. Within AccuRoute lies the tools necessary to drive compliance with industry protocols along with the ability to fully audit the system history, along with the health of all the inner workings of the system in real time.

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