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Altify Builds on ‘Customer-First’ Approach to Sales with Altify Summer ‘16 Release

Summer ‘16 Includes 29 Major New Capabilities to Extend Sellers’ Ability to Make Their Customers More Successful and Systematically Grow Revenue

Summer ‘16 Includes 29 Major New Capabilities to Extend Sellers’ Ability to Make Their Customers More Successful and Systematically Grow Revenue

Dublin and Seattle — May 17, 2016 — Altify, the global leader in sales transformation, today announced the general availability of the Altify Platform Summer ‘16 release. With Summer ‘16, Altify leverages its 30 years of sales knowledge and cloud-based sales transformation to guide progressive sales organizations to create value through the sales experience and make the outcome of every connection between business buyers and sellers a win-win. This news follows the company’s April brand evolution from The TAS Group to Altify, a name that reflects the company’s focus on helping its customers achieve their highest goals, and the unveiling of Altify Max — the first Augmented Intelligence Platform for Sales.

Customer success is best measured in the lifetime and network value of each business relationship and not just in transactions. The Altify Platform Summer ‘16 release further enables sellers to understand their customers’ businesses, collaborate across the sales team to identify the best solution for the customer, find the right strategy to engage the customer and enhance stakeholder discovery, so that all buying roles in an organization are considered.

“We are constantly focused on strengthening the Altify Platform with knowledge, context and insights, so our customers can help their customers,” said Tammy Billington-Dynes, VP of Product at Altify. “Customers are positive about the Summer ’16 release and Altify’s ability to make sales people more successful by helping them put the customer at the center — the vision we have driven since our inception.”

“Altify’s technology has helped us genuinely advance our business, and now they’re working to change the sales profession as a whole,” said Janice Rapoza, Director, Global Sales Operations at Brocade. “Software has shifted toward solutions that combine data, context and intelligence to provide more effective results. Altify, will continue the industry movement toward a more advanced, customer-focused breed of sales.”

Altify Summer ’16 Highlights

  • Insight Maps for Accounts: Understanding what a company cares about is critical to the success of any sales team. Insight Maps for Accounts, a core element of Altify Account Manager, visually represent the customers’ Business Goals, Pressures, Initiatives and Obstacles to enable sellers to have informed business conversations with customers prior to presenting each solution, thereby increasing their value. Insight Maps for Accounts show what each customer cares about and the issues that are most important to each individual stakeholder.
  • Deal Review Framework: Successful selling is a team sport. The Deal Review Framework, incorporated in Altify Opportunity Manager, facilitates a structured review of each sales opportunity so that everyone on the revenue team (sales, marketing, customer service, product management etc.) can collaborate on the best solution for the customer and the optimum strategy for progressing the deal. Empowered though the Altify Platform — the deal owner and his or her manager and colleagues can simultaneously assess the opportunity, ask questions in-line, highlight risks and vulnerabilities and strategize on how to proceed. The Deal Review Framework is based on the ‘Test and Improve’ process from the TAS methodology and guides participants through the opportunity, presenting contextual questions through various ‘persona’ lenses adopting the perspective of the customer, the company or a competitor, which is proven to dramatically increase a sellers’ win rate and deal value.
  • Stakeholder Map Templates: In most businesses, there are common buying roles and key players involved in any purchase decision. For example, if you’re selling a marketing automation solution, you will need to know the CIO, CMO, marketing operations person and CFO, as well as the key issues they each care about. This knowledge is essential to developing a strong customer relationship and a competitive advantage. Now with Stakeholder Map Templates, incorporated in Altify Account Manager and Altify Opportunity Manager, templates with placeholder contact records for the various roles likely to exist in a buyer organization can be defined, so that sellers can quickly begin to construct a customer relationship map focusing on the key people they need to know.

Other new capabilities in Altify Summer ’16 include:

  • Salesforce Lightning compatibility
  • Profile pictures in Relationship Map
  • Include unknown contacts in Relationship Map
  • Automation of Deal Review governance rules
  • Enablement of Altify Max on Opportunities (early access)
  • Easy access Insight Map Launchpad
  • Print ready enhanced export to PowerPoint
  • Embedded Success Monitoring to measure effectiveness
  • Configurable Wallet Share / Total Addressable Market for large accounts
  • Integration of Altify Knowledge Community Link

The Altify Summer ’16 release is generally available today, May 17, 2016.

Altify has consistently set the standard for a cutting-edge approach to sales, having been one of the first to adopt adaptive “smart” technology and integrate real-time data, sales methodology, knowledge and contextual analytics into its solutions. It has also experienced dramatic growth over the past year, working with companies such as Autodesk, BT, GE, Johnson Controls, Optum and Salesforce to create better outcomes for customers.

“As evidenced by the findings from the Altify Buyer/Seller Value Index 2016, buyers and sellers need to work more closely together to gain the maximum value from their interactions,” said Donal Daly, CEO Altify. “We view our role as enabling sellers to focus first on the business issues that their customers really need to solve before presenting their solution. This approach is good for the customer and ultimately good for the sellers, because when they adopt a customer-first perspective, they end up delivering more value to the customer and consequentially increasing their win rate and the size of the deal.”

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For progressive B2B sales organizations, Altify helps sales teams make their customers more successful, so they win the deals that matter, increase wallet share in existing customers and manage overall sales team performance. With applied knowledge and insight, we make it easy for your customer to buy from you, allowing salespeople, managers and executives to accelerate revenue growth consistently.

Customers include: Autodesk, BMC, BT, GE, HP Enterprise, Johnson Controls, Optum, Salesforce, Virgin Media Business and more.


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