Case Study

Uvalde County Elections Office

This government office streamlined their document workflow processes with AIS and FileBound.

The Uvalde County Elections Office in Texas integrated Upland Software’s cloud-based workflow automation and document management solution, FileBound, into their document management processes, using its layered capabilities to increase efficiency, enhance security, and bolster employee productivity.

Benefits of FileBound for local government:

  • Voter registration packages can be securely accessed by permission individuals via the FileBound Cloud and also aids in disaster recovery measures, ensuring all content is available round the clock, and outside of any natural or man-made disasters.
  •  To improve public access and automation, new voter applications are now available online for county residents.
  • FileBound’s scalability allows Uvalde County to expand from simply voter registration packets to other services, such as ballot by mail applications and more.
  • Seamless integration with existing applications and systems.
  • Saves hours of time spent printing, scanning, and indexing while eliminating the cost of machine use, paper, and toner to print forms.

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