Let’s take a look at what FileBound can do.

Eliminate tedious tasks and build custom workflows that let teams easily create, route, review, process, and retrieve content.

FileBound provides straightforward workflow automation that improves processes by connecting users with the information they need to work more efficiently and effectively. Our drag-and-drop workflow configuration lets you automate even the most intricate tasks, without the need for coding. You can also create dynamic rule sets to route data for approvals, trigger alerts, or schedule specific actions to ensure every document is handled according to internal and external compliance mandates.

FileBound allows you to centrally manage documents to improve compliance, collaboration, and access to information. Make work seamless among on-site, virtual, and freelance teams across the globe. Access files, route documents for review and approval, create forms, collect eSignatures, see pending tasks, and assess project status and results from anywhere.

Our flexible integrations get you all the content you need to get work done. Say goodbye to data silos with comprehensive integration platform and API capabilities that allow you to connect to common business systems such as CRMs, ERPs, accounting systems, human resources software, student information systems, and more.

More benefits of FileBound:

  • Electronic formals portal replaces outdated, error-prone paper forms and processes
  • Robust analytics gives you a dashboard view of processes to improve project turnaround times
  • FileBound Connect provides access to relevant content and data all on one screen

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