Why being HIPAA compliant matters:

Your healthcare practice handles hundreds – or thousands – of sensitive documents and urgent communications requests every day.

Yet even in the tech-reliant healthcare industry, administrative staff often manually works with – and sometimes misplaces – patient information, which can mean millions in damages. Cloud fax for healthcare providers is a secure, resilient solution to enable reliable communications and enhance patient care. With InterFAX’s HIPAA compliant fax solution, healthcare providers of all sizes rest easy knowing your staff and patients have fast, reliable, and compliant ways to submit or access critical patient information and records.

  • Secure Patient Data

    Protection of Personal Health Information is of paramount importance, and fines for non-compliance can be costly. Gain peace of mind with a HIPAA compliant and PHIPA compliant fax platform.

  • Reduced IT Maintenance

    Alleviate your IT burden. InterFAX requires little to no maintenance and can be set up with no implementation or communications downtime.

  • Integrated Fax APIs

    We provide an integrated and secure fax platform for your IT infrastructure and business processes with services available through the InterFAX API or SFTP. Learn More »

  • Web Interface

    Gain access anywhere instantly through the InterFAX Control Panel (CP), a secure cloud faxing service that is accessible worldwide via the web.

  • Increase Productivity

    Roll out automated processes to alleviate previously tedious manual processing steps, so staff can get their job done faster and with less hassle.

  • No Hardware

    Reduce your bottom line by consolidating fax infrastructure, using Fax over IP technology that enables least-cost routing.


“We have used InterFAX for our bulk fax needs for many years and have found it to be simpler and more efficient to work with than other fax service providers. We particularly enjoy the ability to communicate securely through InterFAX’s API/web service.”

– Renzo Luzzatti, President  US-Rx Care

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Datasheet | HIPAA Compliant Online Fax

InterFAX’s cloud fax platform provides technical, physical, and procedural security measures to ensure reliable, secure communications. Our HIPAA compliant fax solution helps EMR/EHR providers and healthcare organizations send faxes while complying with HIPAA regulations for information flow and exchange.

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Datasheet | Canadian Data Residency

Upland InterFAX understands the demand for resilient, comprehensive cloud solutions to enhance the ability to provide fast, reliable, and superior patient services. As a leader in digital transformation resources, we support regulatory requirements like PHIPA through robust security protocols and data residency measures via our Montreal-based in-country data storage.

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Case Study | InterFAX and OncoEMR

InterFAX has partnered with OncoEMR for more than a decade to provide practices with an API integrated fax solution for both inbound and outbound fax delivery from the convenience of their EMR platform. Our user-friendly cloud fax solution provides reliable delivery for medical records, referrals, lab results, and more.

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