Why being ISO 27001 compliant matters:

ISO 27001 determines if a company has instituted appropriate security best practices.

In our data-driven business reality, customers are rightfully concerned about entrusting their sensitive data to third parties. That’s why InterFAX has taken our already robust data security practices a step further, achieving the coveted ISO 27001 certification through Certification Europe. This certification includes:

  • Corporate Security Policy

  • Risk Treatment Plan

  • Statement of Applicability

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized and respected standard that determines if a company is following information security best practices. This completely neutral standard applies an exacting, risk-based approach to determine the security of data in an organization, assessing IT structure, processes, and people.

Very few companies actually achieve ISO 27001 certification. Achieving such certification makes us the only multichannel data management/storage service that ensures the security of customer data, inside and out, through its accreditation with ISO 27001 alongside PCI DSS Level 1 standards.

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