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Upland Intelligent Capture for InterFAX

Upland Intelligent Capture for InterFAX is a cloud capture and fax solution that ingests documents, images, faxes, and more to digital workflows.

If you’re looking for technology that can effortlessly enhance your digital workflows, it’s time to look at Upland Intelligent Capture for InterFAX, Upland Software’s combined cloud capture and fax solution that seamlessly puts your data to work by capturing documents, images, faxes, and more to digital workflows. Even the most obscure workflows can be automated, such as: billing processes, user actions, image processing, employee separations, surgery scheduling, pharmacy scanning, lab requests, patient referrals, new patient intake, inventory and supply orders, and more!

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How does Upland Intelligent Capture for InterFAX work?

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), this cloud capture and fax solution can recognize and understand barcodes, forms, handwritten notes, and more. It interrogates your fax traffic and extracts information from documents. Then, it pushes that data through the API back to your application. Any information the automation software is unable to identify gets flagged and sent to a queue for manual review by staff.

This add-on solution uses AI to automatically find and extract content using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), eliminating manual entry and ensuring accuracy while remaining compliant with data regulations like HIPAA, PIPEDA, and PHIPA. OCR allows faxes, forms, or any other documents to be converted from a flat image format to a textsearchable version. Once the data is converted to searchable text format through OCR, it can then be associated as document metadata automatically.

  • Securely capture content from any desktop or mobile device to get it into the system
  • Automatically extract data, improve images, and ensure data accuracy via AI technology
  • Forward to existing workflows, applications, repositories, or send via InterFAX to recipients
  • Enable staff to capture documents and images from any device with our user-friendly interface that’s accessible from anywhere

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