Case Study

OncoEMR® users receive faster, secure cloud fax services

We provide healthcare practices with an API integrated fax solution for both inbound and outbound delivery from the convenience of their OncoEMR platform.

Flatiron’s OncoEMR is a web-based electronic medical record (EMR) that creates critical solutions for hematology and oncology practices across the nation. Upland InterFAX has partnered with OncoEMR for more than a decade to provide practices with a HIPAA-compliant API integrated fax solution for both inbound and outbound delivery from the convenience of their EMR platform.

The Challenge

Traditionally, medical practices have relied on analog hardware solutions via physical fax machines or on-premise fax services to deliver and receive secure patient-related medical documentation (PHI).

These busy OncoEMR oncology practices were struggling with their current fax providers and needed a HIPAA-compliant cloud fax solution with reliable service and focused customer support, something they weren’t receiving with their current service. They also needed a solution that integrated seamlessly with their existing EMR to provide staff with a better user experience and ensure business continuity.

The Solution

InterFAX provides hundreds of OncoEMR oncology practices across the nation with an integrated, user-friendly cloud fax solution. Practices benefit from resilient inbound/outbound fax delivery for medical records, referrals, lab results, and other medical documents from the convenience of their EMR.

  • InterFAX Outbound Faxing – InterFAX’s API allows subscribers to send secure PHI directly from a fax queue from within the EMR.
  • InterFAX Inbound Faxing – InterFAX’s SFTP site allows subscribers to receive secure PHI directly to a repository from within the EMR that provides a sorting and routing workflow.

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