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InterFAX Cloud Fax Comparison

Trying to figure out if cloud faxing is right for you? Take a look at this quick matrix on how cloud stacks up to older fax technologies.

Faxing has evolved over the years. Originating at its first commercial availability in 1964, the desktop fax machine has moved into multi-function devices, standalone servers, and even further beyond. Cloud faxing communications are the next generation for fax. Though all fax environments have specific benefits and will fit business needs differently, cloud faxing is the only one that will remove the burden of hardware responsibility.

InterFAX online fax let you send faxes anytime you’re at your computer desktop, using any email program or web-based email service, as well as from any application that can send documents as email attachments. You can also create individualized fax broadcasts, sending one document to tens, hundreds, or thousands of fax recipients. And when you’re away from your desktop, you can send your faxes through a convenient online form.

Cloud fax comparison

The future of faxing is in the cloud. Trying to figure out if cloud faxing is right for you? Take a look at this quick comparison matrix to understand how cloud fax stacks up to older fax technologies. Here are some of the highlights:

  • You are limited by the number of calls and phone lines you can use with fax machines and fax servers – but cloud fax can send/receive multiple messages at once.
  • Cumbersome fax machines and fax servers require hardware, physical phone lines, toner, and paper – but cloud fax doesn’t require any of these things!
  • If the fax machine breaks down or goes offline, you miss any of the faxes sent during that time – but with cloud fax, you have full redundancy and aren’t affected by downtimes.
  • Physical fax machines and MFPs require you to be present with the machine in order to send/receive faxes – but you can send/receive faxes from anywhere with cloud fax.
  • When a fax comes through on a fax machine, it’s automatically printed and left for anyone to see – but cloud fax ensures that all communications are secure and sent directly to the intended recipients without risking exposing personal information along the way.

Learn more and compare options between fax machine, fax server, or InterFAX’s capabilities by downloading our datasheet.

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