Don’t struggle with managing content your business doesn’t need

Many knowledge management initiatives start out strong, but weaken over time because the content is not kept current. With the best of intentions by your customer service agents, if they cannot find what they are looking for in the knowledge management system or if the content is not up-to-date, they will be less likely to continue using it. Knowledge that never changes is seen as outdated and is less likely to be trusted and used by your customer service agents.

Keep your knowledge management initiative going strong by implementing a content review process. It’s a way to ensure that all your knowledge is relevant. It eliminates any confusion around who needs to approve the knowledge, and shortens the review cycle. A content review process also makes sure your content is appropriate for the audience and conforms to company style and other guidelines.

View the infographic for the three main steps you need to take to establish a content review process for your knowledgebase. For more details information and best practice tips, also download the eBook: Content review best practices guide.

View the infographic