Case Study

HH Global and Purina drive first-party data capture while engaging and delighting their customers

Discover how Purina captured 25k new pet data and drove an average 32% click-to-open rate using Upland Adestra’s automation builder as part of their 12 Days of Christmas email campaign.

Building on the success of their 2019 holiday campaign, Purina once again partnered with HH Global to develop their most ambitious campaign for 2020, with Upland Adestra on board to turn their email automation and form-building aspirations into reality. 2020 marked an entirely standalone journey, totaling 15 emails with the goal of completing core data profiles, driving first-party data capture, and delighting and engaging their audience.

Engaging consumers with targeted and personalized email

Purina’s 2020 campaign was centered around the 12 Days of Christmas and due to the planned high frequency of communications during this campaign, two pre-campaign emails provided the opportunity for a campaign-level opt-out, to prevent unsubscribes at a database level.

Creating unique journeys using progressive data capture

The campaign targeted 9 unique pet data segments, split over a 50/50 subject line test. By splitting consumers into different segments, Purina was able to define one of three distinct progressive data capture (PDC) journeys the recipients would take. When consumers won a competition as part of the advent calendar, Adestra forms were used to send consumers to (from the advent calendar) in order to provide their Personally Identifiable Information.

Purina provided 12 days of Christmas content experiences

With the 12 Days of Christmas theme at the core of the campaign, consumers who remained opted in would receive daily emails from the 1st to the 12th of December, in the form of an advent calendar, with a new door to open each day. Behind each door sat multi-brand content including offers and content experiences for owners of cats, dogs, and those with both. Offers ranged from product coupons, instant win competitions, and partnership deals, to value-add content such as videos, quizzes, and even an AR experience.

The results for Purina

  • 25K new pet data captured using the PDC module
  • 50K opened calendar doors
  • 52.1% campaign level open rate
  • 32% average CTO

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