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Pair cloud fax with Vertafore AMS360

InterFAX offers AMS360 users a reliable cloud fax service to save time and ensure secure processes around the bulk distribution of documents.

Upland InterFAX is an enterprise-class cloud fax solution that enables businesses to send and receive faxes easily while meeting stringent business requirements and industry compliance standards. InterFAX seamlessly integrates cloud fax with Vertafore AMS360 to enable users to communicate easily, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Vertafore AMS360 cloud fax integration

InterFAX is a trusted service provider for hundreds of thousands of users who send and receive over 100 million fax pages a year through our robust international network. InterFAX is the world’s first PCI DSS-certified and HIPAA-compliant API cloud fax solution provider and our adherence to global data security standards makes our solution the ideal pairing with AMS360.

Vertafore has integrated its AMS360 platform with InterFAX, which means all Vertafore subscribers can conveniently and securely fax insurance certificates directly from the general distribution list. Vertafore subscribers also benefit from InterFAX’s secure email to fax solution, an added benefit that saves time and empowers workers to achieve more. This integration empowers staff by allowing for bulk distributions to be sent by multiple users simultaneously, streamlining processes and saving time without tying up a phone line.

With InterFAX, Vertafore subscribers are able to deliver secure, cloud-based, enterprise-grade faxes and documents while meeting rigorous industry compliance standards. They are able to smoothly migrate from on-premise fax to a secure, auditable cloud fax and distribution solution. They’re even able to port their existing fax numbers to ensure continuity!

Benefits of cloud fax

  • Convenient: Fax certificates directly from your general distribution list
  • Secure: Fax communication is HIPAA and PCI DSS-compliant
  • User-friendly: Easily set up profiles depending on each user’s need
  • Integrated: Send any document as an electronic fax via email or a special client portal
  • Versatile: Optional inbound service means you can receive faxes via email
  • Comprehensive: Receive a confirmation on every fax sent, and automatically store it for later retrieval

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