InterFAX Secure Faxing Datasheet

data securityIn our modern business climate, data security and adherence to evolving compliance standards are paramount for success. That’s why Upland InterFAX is eager to offer best-in-class cloud fax features to customers, so your critical data is safe, whatever your industry or location.

InterFAX provides a secure online fax service with strong encryption and TLS access and supports the most stringent compliance regulations worldwide to ensure data security and privacy, including HIPAA in the US and ISO 27001 in Europe. In addition, we are the first and only Internet fax company to offer a fully certified outbound and inbound fax service that is Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant.

Data Security
Incoming Fax Encryption
Our fax service encrypts incoming faxes forwarded to you via email, via TLS, or signed email (PKI), securing the contents while in transit from our servers to your computer. You may also choose to receive fax confirmation messages for both incoming and outgoing faxes in an encrypted format.

Outgoing Fax Encryption
InterFAX accepts your outgoing fax documents via TLS, signed email (PKI), or TLS-secured email-to-fax, so that the content of your outgoing mail is secure while in transit to your servers. For PKI, you initially obtain the InterFAX public key signature as a one-time action in order to encrypt your outbound messages.

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