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FileBound has a well-documented history of delivering stellar ROI across various industries. To safeguard our customers’ critical data, FileBound continually invests in clever, innovative products and services to meet the specific needs of customers in even the most highly regulated industries. Learn more about how our solution translates across these industries, and beyond.

  • Financial Services

    Streamline back office procedures, quickly route and monitor contracts and documents, automate services for stellar customer service, and rest assured that you’re compliant and prepared for anything an audit can throw at you.

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  • Government

    Give your constituents stellar service despite any cutbacks or budget constraints by increasing efficiency and providing secure self-service to documents.

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  • Healthcare

    Improve patient care by improving the management of patient record information from legacy records, intake forms, e-forms and other correspondence and reduce expenses in patient accounting and other areas that divert resources from the core mission.

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  • K-12 Education

    Digitize student cumulative files needed for student services and compliance, automate approvals processes, and improve communication with students, staff, and your community.

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  • Higher Education

    Streamline student records and documentation needed for accurate reporting to state and federal agencies, digitize document processes, and automate services to improve service to students, staff, and other schools.

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  • Legal

    Immediately access the details of contracts, client files, court documents or other records. Compile documents using any device or via integration with practice management and other systems.

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  • Nonprofits

    We help nonprofits reduce tedious, time-consuming administrative processes so they can quickly and reliably provide services to their communities and focus more time on their mission.

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