Focus on Superior Patient Care & Satisfaction

FileBound helps healthcare organizations – modest practices, hospitals, and insurers – to work more effectively and increase productivity. The result is improved service and optimal care for patients and their families.

In clinical care settings, FileBound’s document and workflow automation solutions are used to control forms, correspondence, reports and other tasks that exist outside of the EMR solution. FileBound also manages and stores legacy medical records in a non-proprietary format that can integrate with practically any EMR, bridging the transition to a fully electronic record.

In the business office, FileBound’s proven capability to improve accounts payable and human resources efficiency lets hospitals minimize operational costs. FileBound’s easily configured workflows can manage the complex needs, including credentialing and licensing. FileBound improves cash flow in patient accounting by streamlining the collection of superbills/charge tickets and reconciling EOBs.

Explore how FileBound can streamline your everyday processes.