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By connecting people with the information they need to work more efficiently, FileBound’s cloud-native document and workflow automation solutions deliver clever, innovative results for virtually any industry. Our team continues to grow and evolve our expertise in order to develop agile products that revolutionize the way organizations plan, manage and execute work. Our solutions help you thrive.

  • Contract Management

    Keep tabs on contracts as they are routed to appropriate parties for execution or additional detail. Monitor progress and establish accountability for items every step of the way.

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  • Human Resources

    Manage processes from job requisition through separation to attract and retain top candidates. Maintain secure personnel and payroll records. Empower employees by granting them time to focus on other crucial items – like company culture.

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  • Records Management

    When Security, Compliance, and Timing are key, Upland Has Your Answer. FileBound offers a complete solution from capture, through legal holds, and ultimate destruction.

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  • Vendor Management

    Automate invoice processing to eliminate human error and inefficiencies such as late payments, duplicate payments, a lack of visibility into performance, and financial exposure.

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