FileBound for Contracts Management

Remove roadblocks that keep revenue from hitting the bottom line.

Whether you’re processing sales agreements that contribute to your bottom line, ensuring review protocols for legally binding contracts, or just making sure that all NDAs, MSAs, and SOWs are accounted for and securely stored in one spot, FileBound has got you covered. We take care of all the time-consuming details, so your staff can keep business running smoothly.

Keep Your Sales Team in Your CRM

Creating a new account or opportunity? With the click of a button, your sales team can generate a templated NDA, MSA, or contract using all the account’s information. It really can be that easy.

Automate the Agreement Process

Your legal team can quickly access any contract from within your CRM or straight from FileBound. Revisions, approvals, and even e-signatures are all captured and tracked through automation.

Review and Approve, Anytime from Anywhere

Never again will distance or schedules create bottlenecks that keep you from closing business. FileBound immediately notifies the owner when action is needed for review or approvals, and permissioned users can access their assignments from any device, at any time.

All in One Place

Whether from one-click your CRM access or directly from FileBound, your team can rely on secure, permissioned access to all client documentation, including applicable NDAs, MSAs, SOWs, contracts, and agreements.

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Customer Testimonial

Upland FileBound provides Volunteers of America the automation and efficiency they need to be able to focus on their true work: helping people.

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Customer Testimonial