FileBound for Records Management and Retention

When security, compliance, and timing are key, Upland has your answer.

From the initial secure capture through to the final destruction of content, we can reliably file and retain your documents while providing controlled access and any action alerts or legal holds needed in order to comply with industry-specific or federal audit or compliance standards. Now, you can relax and get back to more high-value tasks, knowing that the critical data you work with every day is secure, accessible, and compliant to industry regulatory standards.

Records Data at a Glance

The administration of records within Upland FileBound is simple and straightforward. You can view summary dashboards to see which records are declared vs outstanding, quickly locate records that are under a legal hold, and create automated alerts to receive reports of records scheduled for destruction.

Why Records Management?


    Eliminate risk of exposing confidential client and employee data


    Reduce costs associated with physical archival of old records and documents


    View and control the complete lifecycle of your records in a single repository


    Immediately enact legal holds or update retention policies with ease

Rule Configuration Made Easy

Automation provides reliable processes by removing the risks associated with human error, while comprehensive retention policies ensure the storage of records are in compliance with relevant regulations.

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Organizations can identify which documents need to be managed as records and create specific retention schedules and rules to accommodate practically any requirement.
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Datasheet: FileBound for Records Management