Real-time Analytics Drive Achievement

Bringing Intelligence to Management

Truly revolutionizing work management is more complex than simply getting control of documents and routing them through a process. Without an understanding of what the data means or where there is opportunity for process improvement, organizations won’t receive the complete value of the solution they’ve invested in.

FileBound combines robust analytic capabilities with focus on the user experience to deliver organizational intelligence without the complexity. Users with appropriate rights don’t have to be database reporting specialists to view data on the fly, create standard reports, or build dashboards.

  • Quickly recognize content demographics and trends
  • Evaluate user productivity or process efficiency
  • Easily identify areas for improvement
  • Anticipate the effects of current trends on future productivity

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FileBound Analytics

Turn data into strategic, meaningful business insights with real-time analytics.

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Document & Workflow Automation

Improve efficiency through end-to-end content and process automation.

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