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FileBound is taking the busy work out of your workday.

For over 15 years, our team of experts has been helping organizations of all sizes cut costs, improve service and increase visibility by controlling content chaos and eliminating manual processes. We offer innovation, and we continually evolve to devise clever solutions to everyday problems.


With FileBound, users can easily build automated workflows and centrally manage documents to foster transparency, improve collaboration, ensure compliance, and provide intuitive access to assignments and tasks. With less manual tedium you and your employees have more time to focus on what truly adds value to your organization.

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Extended Enterprise

We get it. Silos inhibit productivity, but sharing documents and data internally is only half the equation. Smart collaboration also means sending and receiving standardized data and information from customers, contacts and constituents outside your organization’s walls. Extended Enterprise does just that – and you don’t need to add named users to your license to do it. Gather information of virtually any kind with less impact on staff. Send and receive data effortlessly with internal or external contacts based on permissions. This is collaborative communication, simplified.

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We empower business owners to exploit the full value of the data in their FileBound systems to make better business decisions. More than simple reporting or graphical representations of tabular data, FileBound Analytics provides predictive, meaningful, and actionable business insights into work processes in a timely manner – with no special configuration or training required.

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Presented in a single glance, individualized dashboards can be quickly created to provide management, at any level, with the data that is most important to them. From granular system and audit reports to form and workflow reports, FileBound’s reporting capabilities enable users to report on how efficiencies are affecting performance.

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Let’s face it. If a product has out of this world functionality but the user experience is abysmal, what do you think employees and customers will notice first? FileBound’s solutions not only innovate workflow, automation, and communication for organizations, but also empower users by anticipating their needs and streamlining their tasks with a simple-to-use interface. We handle the details, you enjoy the ride.

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